The Virgo Man

The Virgo Man

Finding yourself smitten with a Virgo Man? You would not be the only one. .

August 23 ~ September 23

Mysterious and cautious, the Virgo Man prides himself on honesty and a rock-solid approach to everlasting love. What he lacks in the romance department, he very much makes up with eternal devotion. Being in love with a Virgo Man may not always produce roses and serenades, that can get old after awhile, don’t you think? But, be rest assured, his warm sincerity you will never doubt.

Sharing your life along side a Virgo Man is both practical and a trip on a steadfast journey to fulfillment and calming serenity. He may scoff at the usual Casanovas who try to convince you that wine and roses are all you need to sustain a harmonious relationship. The Virgo Man will take a more refined and direct approach to proving his undying loyalty. The Virgo Man sees the honor in working hard to achieve his dreams. Dreams that will always include you. No one is quite as true-blue, as long, as the intensity of love is binding and mutual. It takes true discipline on your part to win this man’s heart. The usual coquettish overtly sexual flirtation isn’t one of them. The Virgo Man sees through such deceitful manipulation and prefers to rest his attention on the more demure damsel.

The Virgo Man may find himself in a deep committed love only a handful, if not only once in a lifetime. That’s just how particular this man of steel is. He seeks a woman who is filled with old world charm and grace. There aren’t too many of them around anymore, or so he has sadly convinced himself. The Virgo Man is more apt to live his life as a loner or in secret seclusion than any other sign, if it means he can possibly avoid the pain of passion gone wrong. If you are sure this is the man you wish to call your own, you must patiently set your sights on proving your worth. Success will rely on your womanly stamina and thoughtful mind. The Virgo Man is truly a valiant hero that will lead to an everlasting loving fate.

Intelligent, careful, and solid. The Virgo Man is cool to his core. Even in the throws of lovemaking, you might question his attraction to you. This sometimes may not be such a bad thing. Imagine the inevitable passion you felt for the man in question who has played hard to get. The sensual seduction when love is finally consummated, will prove heart pumping and equal to no other. If you want to stop this desire cold in it’s tracks? Proceed to test his devotion, it may prove catastrophic to the Virgo Man. He is so intensely loyal, that subsequent flirting will surely backfire. This is always the wrong approach to test his loving boundaries. Although, he may not always show it, his love for you is never fleeting but always engraved with forever.

Through all of the confusion, the Virgo Man, sometimes displays, there are also less obscure tell-tale signs of his attachment to you. Birthdays, anniversaries and any special moment the two of you have shared are boldly etched in his mind. Yes, he may not jump up and down and shower you with extravagant gifts and fan fair, but you will be shown how enormously valuable you are to him. Perhaps in not so many words, but look into his eyes, the reflection back will be your own. His warmth and kindness always prevails, albeit ever so subtly.

In conclusion, the Virgo Man is probably not as wildly passionate as the Scorpio fellow, not as energetic as the Aries Man, and maybe not as regal as the Leo King, but with a Virgo Man you have a man of incredible character. A man who will awaken with the sunrise and firmly plant his feet by your side. One who will never stray or wander and one who will care for you with his whole heart. Put his sometimes cranky ways to the side, hold his hand tight and walk with pride. The Virgo Man is genuinely a Man with a heart of gold.

Virgo Male Celebrities

Adam Sandler ~ September 9, 1966, Ryan Phillipe ~ September 10, 1974, Keanu Reeves ~ September 2, 1964, Harry Connick Jr. ~ September 11, 1967, Ray Charles ~ September 23, 1930, Hugh Grant ~ September 9, 1960, Sean Connery ~ August 25, 1930, Tommy Lee Jones ~ September 15, 1946, James Gandolfini ~ September 18, 1961, Richard Gere ~ August 31, 1949

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Colletta, posted this comment on Jan 4th, 2009

My Virgo man is wonderful and so many traits here are true, often say one thing and mean another. According to them this is not lying but figuring out whom you are.

BERNADETTE, posted this comment on Feb 10th, 2009

These words of a Virgo man are all soooo true…My man is this man they speak about…I often feel like he does not “shower or romance “me enough ,but guess what at the end of the day he is always there for me and shows his undying love no matter what.

Katie, posted this comment on Mar 16th, 2009

Yes,yes,yes! My sweetheart is a Virgo and this describes him to a T. I feel appreciated when we are together. I value his genuineness,honesty & loyalty. He is gentle and very caring and makes me feel like a Princess*swoon*….Rare traits indeed. He’s a keeper for sure!

Mal, posted this comment on Apr 12th, 2009

the ultimate gentleman. i just met my virgo recently and have never shared any romantic sorts with cyberspace. yet i must attest to the universe that i met a beautiful virgo with a heart of gold not cold. Mark…my dearest Mark–many many blessings to you for being a kind, considerate and attentive soul! Thank you for each meal youve paid for, each chair you’ve pulled out for me, each soft kiss you’ve placed on my forehead and showing me how a man is to treat awoman. Perfection aside-virgos are remarkable and you don’t get remarckable without Mark.

Maria, posted this comment on May 17th, 2009

Oh so True!! My Virgo Man is so Solid, Loyal and Constant. I have never met a Man like him and I think the world of him…he doesnt show affection easily but his devotion is there for all to see. I would love to hear him say he loves me as I do him…. but time and patience weve only been together 8 months so theres time. Hes a real Sweetie and we enjoy our time together soooo much!

shyeyez, posted this comment on May 27th, 2009

Wow. this sounds like my man who is such a sweetie. I never thought i would find someone who’s really good to me and very good natured. I think Virgo guys are cool. All I know is that my B/F Matt, he really treats me good like no other man ever did. Virgo men ROCK! hehe. He always makes me smile & happy and he’s my virgo man.

MSCapri, posted this comment on Jun 4th, 2009

Yes this is our typical relationship.. almost a year next month.. yes he is just now tellimg me HE HAS FALLEN IN LOVE.. those words mean so much as I know he really does mean it. I’m a Libra/Cap and he is a Virgo/Aqua we match so well because we both have a structure side and then we both have a edgy side to us.. strange but so in sync..

Rose, posted this comment on Jun 16th, 2009

Looks like I have a long way to go …
I just met a Virgo man and supposedly the one I may end up marrying and his taking time to commit made me think that he is not interested but now when I relate his behaviour to his Virgo traits I think he is not at fault…
I hope some day I will be able to post a “And they lived happily ever after” story here :)

pen, posted this comment on Jul 21st, 2009

This totally discribes my virgo man. He is a treasure for sure. It took a long time for him to commit and it was well worth the wait. I am truly one very lucky wooman.

charles quist, posted this comment on Jul 23rd, 2009

my name isCharles Quist from Ghana and a virgo 13th September 1980 is my birth date and all i do is to show all woman i date and fall for that there is something with me they do not see. yea they dont find the chance to know me so they find it difficult to understand and know the person i am. i believe virgo`s are the sun and the meaning of Virgo is the Goddess of the sun so just imagine how well we shine and how strong we can become. we believe in our strength. ijust dont get it wen will i find my true luv who will luv m me for me god help me coz i i get there it will b for eva.

Zoe, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2009

it\’s really true!!! coz my boyfriend is a really man who has a gold heart!!!!!!!

Nanditha, posted this comment on Sep 10th, 2009

Its amazing how I see every character of my man in your description. He is my dream partner and I feel overwhelmed to be by his side. I love him with all my life. I am really lucky!

Keana, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2009

all i can say after reading the article of the virgo male is that i am dating a true virgo. i am so happy to have him in my life he brings out the best of me and i love him he’s my soulmate and my better half. I’m happy to know that i probably don’t have to go around wanting or needing for nothing. And i have a baby by him i couldn’t ask for nothing more.

devin, posted this comment on Oct 29th, 2009

i am in love with a virgo and no one is perfect but he is so true and he always makes me feel good about bad situations that i’m in i love him so much i hurt him and he still forgave me and now im more in love with him than ever before!!!!!!!!!

Alberta, posted this comment on Feb 15th, 2010

Cancer dating a virgo male. Kind, sweet, when he wants to be. Flirt, and cheats. Will use anyone for what he can get, and be done with them after he has used you up. Very moody. When they disappear, they are intersted in other women, and they dissappear to chase them, only to return back to you like nothing is happening. And when they ask you to do something, and you say no, you will pay dearly. Take, Take, Take. When they want sex, that\’s when you get it, and no time before, so don’t ask.

Beautiful, posted this comment on Mar 19th, 2010

I agree with you Alberta you said it all I don\\\’t need to respond. All I can say is being a Scorio I must be in love with the challenge.

Yvette Dobosz, posted this comment on Apr 3rd, 2010

Lol I’m a female virgo, and yes we can be quite manipulative if we want. We often dissappear because we like being alone a lot thinking about life. We’re sorta like cats if you think about it :D

Ebonique, posted this comment on Apr 14th, 2010

I must admit, with all said, in the main reading and the posts, it is very true a virgo man being loyal and grounded at his woman’s side. And I love my baby just as he is but I’ve got a question for all. Do you find Virgo men to be, what I’d call ‘tight’ with money? I sometimes feel a lot of financial pressure is placed on me and without him realising from on a common-sense level that I simply can’t manage, he’d still ask the question, “so are you gonna do this or get that?”
Just want to know if you ladies can testify to this and if so, please advise a way around this, because I am so not letting go my Virgo – everything else is super-duper….:)

Pally, posted this comment on Jun 16th, 2010

I’ve just met a Virgo man and for some reason I feel that he is going to be ‘the one’ !! I’ve got a small but very evident hint that he’s interested. I hope, one day I’ll share the happy story here! Can’t wait, but hey ‘m going to be patient :p

Pally, posted this comment on Jun 16th, 2010

Btw, ‘m a Pisces woman. Although I don’t consider myself a typical piscean, I guess I still have some strong traits of a Pisces. Are there any piscean women out here who have Virgo man as their partners? Please share your observations! I’ve been reading very negative things about the compatibility, so I’d really like to hear some real experiences!

Cappygirl93, posted this comment on Aug 15th, 2010

@ Ebonique: My father is a Virgo, and my mom is Aquarius. I honestly don\\\\\\\’t know why they\\\\\\\’re still together, they are just so different in so many ways, from musical preferences to parenting styles. :S Another thing they disagree on is money. My mom is willing to spend money if it\\\\\\\’s something she knows will help us kids in the long run (tutoring, sports, music/dance lessons, family trips) My dad is okay with this stuff, but he is ALWAYS on her case about her spending. At one point, he went grocery shopping with her, to make sure she only bought what was on the list. Of course, he has the good Virgo traits, but still… I suppose the bad ones are only magnified because of the differences between him and my mom, and vice versa? :\\\\\\\\

As for me, I just recently met a Virgo guy, but I don\\\\\\\’t know too much about him. However, I think he really likes me, since he was the one to seek me out on Facebook and message me. THAT surprised me so much, since I\\\\\\\’m a Capricorn and I take charge/make things happen and often am forced to put myself out there first (despite my wariness of strangers) because I dig the shy guys . :P

@ Pally: I\\\\\\\’m not Pisces, but I\\\\\\\’m Capricorn, but I\\\\\\\’ll give you my personal opinion based on friends\\\\\\\’ experiences. :) I think the main reason a Pisces-Virgo relationship would just not work is if the Piscean in question had the whole \\\\\\\”needy-ness\\\\\\\” in terms of love and affection. I have a friend who was in that situation. Virgos just don\\\\\\\’t do that. You will always have to initiate a hug/kiss or \\\\\\\”I love you\\\\\\\”, but if you go too crazy with it, you\\\\\\\’ll just repulse him and he\\\\\\\’ll say \\\\\\\”Aaaahh No I can\\\\\\\’t deal with this right now, *insert gf\\\\\\\’s name here) is not being rational or able to think clearly. EVADE THE SITUATION. *walks/runs away*). In a Virgo\\\\\\\’s mind, I suppose just being there and doing little things is enough to show that he loves/cares for you (holding your hand, opening a door for you, doing the dishes/yardwork). From what I\\\\\\\’ve witnessed, Pisces seems to always dream of grand and everlasting romance with all of the flowers and fireworks.

Tara, posted this comment on Dec 13th, 2010

I feel like I must add my own commentary as I have always admired Virgo men throughout my life.
When it comes to falling love, I believe “slow and steady wins the race” to be their motto. Though, I have always felt a magnetic attraction to this particular sign, which I find strange as I am a Gemini (Pisces rising/moon). I have never found it hard to fall in *mutual* love with Virgo, as it happens very quickly and with much permanence. They will rarely, if ever, say what they don’t mean. They are the most critical of lovers and they seek perfection (or at the very least, near perfection) in a mate. They will like you, for sure, but to fall in love means to know you inside and out. Most of them do not like promiscuity of any kind. Virgo men are true blue family men, and those without a stable support system can often seem a bit broken and directionless. I’ve met quite a few of them, the ones with broken homes, and more often than not they struggle with escapism and in turn addiction (drugs, alcohol etc). But that “can be for anybody”. Overall, you’ll find a strong man who would sacrifice anything for the ones he loves. On a side note, they can be/are a bit flamboyant and they are comfortable with their sexuality. They won’t try to be the “macho man”, but rather, responsive and understanding. They can make you laugh until you cry, and they will talk out any of your problems until you find a solution together.
As for how romantic and passionate these men can be, is another story. When they aren’t truly in love, they certainly will act cold and stand-offish towards their partner. The “L” word will definitely not be introduced. But in love, (and this is going by observations from multiple Virgo men), they are simply the most affectionate, doting and adoring lover a woman could ask for. They love to kiss, touch, hold you. The passion will be endless. But perhaps you have to unlock a certain door they seal off and away from others. They have a complex, to be perfect, to never fail or disappoint. They won’t too soon or too easily admit it. Once you have torn that barrier down, then the true passions of this man will be found.

Sagi, posted this comment on Dec 19th, 2010

I just met a Virgo man, or rather have just begun seeing him and talking to him as more than just a friend. I am a Sagittarius female.. and know the work involved. But I am willing to give it a chance. But I am having second thoughts as he seemed quite critical of me over what I thought was an innocuous comment on an online social network. Believe me the status was so innocent, and involved what kind of dessert I should make. (I’m not sure as he wouldn’t express himself, but I believe he was critical over the fact that I wanted opinions from both my male and female friends.) He seems to be very sensitive and very critical. And I sense more than a double standard from him (concerning my past relationships… which believe me Is not very exciting and a lot more innocent than his).
Of course, I value my freedom more than anything else,I have a wicked sense of humor, which I’m not sure he gets, and can be very friendly… which since I’m technically still single can be very flirtatious. I like this person a lot… I’m just wondering should I just laugh it off and try to get to know the real person underneath… or is he just planning to kick me to the curb for not being ‘perfect’ enough. I know Virgos seem to inspire extreme hatred in some women… and I can see why… but he said he liked me from the first time he saw me (though I never knew it and had to be the one to give him my number smh) so all I can do is be myself and not let him make me feel ashamed to be it.
–Restless Sag

lakeisha davis, posted this comment on Jan 4th, 2011

I’m a Pisces woman married to a Virgo man, and like all relationships/marriages we have our problems. Yet in the end, we are GREAT together. I love his charm, sense of humor, and height (6′9). Contrary to popular belief, my Vigo is quite affectionate. He always tells me he loves me, grabs my hand periodically while we’re riding in the truck, and is very lovey dovey in public. He has a lot of the characteristics described above, and we’re very different in a lot of ways. But we make it work, and we absolutely adore each other company. I love my Vigo, and he loves his Pisces. I wouldn’t have picked a better man to marry, and lucky for him I plan on keeping him around for life :-)

Pati, posted this comment on Jul 31st, 2011

I am Pisces and I have been with a Virgo man for more than 2 months now. It started amazing, there is a great sexual chemistry between us and we share lot of interests. However, when it comes to showing emotions we couldn’t be more different. While I like hugs and kisses, my Virgo man is very cold, never talks about or shows his feelings, I can only tell that he wants to be with me by his actions and if he’s still coming back to me and talks about us like there is a future, I am sure that he likes me a lot. I have a strong believe that the relationship between a Pisces woman and a Virgo man will work if the woman compromises and understands the ways of Virgo and realises what a treasure he really is. Yes, my man, as described in the description, is very honest and loyal, critical but always criticizes things I don’t like about myself too. I know that I will not hear the word LOVE for a long time and it will take a long wait for him to grow strong feelings towards me. And I have had to grow a very thick skin being with him as he never filters his words, always says what he means and his delivery can be very harsh. Despite of a few major clashes we have had in the past, me being too emotional having no idea he disliked ostantatious displays of emotions, things seem to be looking up and we are better than ever.

I really don’t think you can’t change the perfectionist Virgo male, they just won’t admit they are wrong about anything. So it’s up to the Pisces woman to understand him and accept him the way he is and adjust. I have had no problems with toning down my emotional side, I am just happy being with him, whatever it takes. And those rare small moments when he shows me he cares about me are truly worth the effort. A difficult man the Virgo man is, but i think there is a great reward waiting down the line.

michelle, posted this comment on Jan 22nd, 2012


michelle, posted this comment on Jan 22nd, 2012

Hello I am a cancer woman who has been pursuing a virgo man for over a year now. When we first met I was ending a bad break up. I told my virgo man about this but he insisted on being with me. For 10 months he chased me aroundd even though I told him to leave me alone and I wasn’t good for him. Things got irritating and I talked down to him and hurt his feelings. He still continued to pursue me bringing flowers to my door and not giving up. I finally fell for him but still treated him bad. He eventually got fed up and left me along. Tables got turned and I chased him the entire summer. He gave me chance after chance by finally answering calls and allowing me to see him. But he wud always get mad over things I said or did and retaliated by ignoring me and telling me he was done with me. About october he finally admitted that he got convinced that he really wanted to be with me. We got closer and spent every bit of his free time together. But still he found ways to get mad at me and told me he was done but always came back to me when I called. This past weekend I ran into him after he ignored me for 2 weeks becuz he got mad at me. He grabbed me asked for a kiss and told me it was fate and god made us run into each other for a reason. This is the 3rd time we ran into each other while he was mad at me. I thought since he said these things that everything ws cool. Nope. I spent the nite over his house Monday..stayed the whole day Tuesday becuz when I asked if he wanted me to leave he said no. Thursda I called to tell him how I felt about him getting mad and ignoring me..he told me he already explained a relationship won’t work and yelled at me and hung up. I went to his house. He wudnt let me in becuz his mom wwas sleep and didn’t want to wake her. He made me get in my car and call him. Conversation went basically bad. He told me he ws done and it ws nothing I can do to change his mind. Although he has said ths numerous times before I believe him this time. He told me to forget about him of course I didn’t. Two days later (today) I called him to see how he ws becuz he was sick..he answered and we talked for a lttle. I called again a few hours later to see if he wanted me over and he said no he. I am confused. Why does my virgo man act like this? Is he really done with me?

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